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The Alphabet of Self-Esteem

The Alphabet of Self-Esteemis an innovative and fun guide designed to inspire confidence and self-esteem in readers of all ages. Through the letters of the alphabet, we discover valuable human qualities that reside in each of us. OfA for Attentive at Z for Zealous, each letter is a step towards recognizing and appreciating our own values.

This one-of-a-kind booklet invites personal or family exploration, where each name becomes a powerful reflection of inner qualities. To illustrate - the first nameHelgatransforms into a magnificent palette of character traits:H for Honest, E for Empathetic, L for Loyal, G for Generous, A for Attentive. These associations are not arbitrary; they are the fruit of deep reflection on the virtues that build solid self-esteem.

Easy to read and interactive, this book is more than a brochure: it is a personal development tool. The simple explanations make learning accessible and enjoyable for children, while providing adults with valuable reminders of the qualities that shape a balanced and confident individual.

The Alphabet of Self-Esteemit is an experience to live, an adventure to share and a garden to cultivate. Have fun discovering the meaning of your name, enrich your emotional vocabulary and, step by step, raise your self-esteem. Embark on this alphabetical journey where each letter opens the door to a new dimension of oneself, more luminous and affirmed.