0-12 months -BABY

Other Names: Infant, Doll, Toddler

What awaits you:

Primary Reactions: Discovery of the senses, instinctive responses to sounds and light.

First Smiles: Emergence of social smiles in response to your voice and your face.

Visual Interaction: Eye object tracking, growing interest in colorful environments.

Start of Babbling: Production of the first sounds, beginning of verbal communication.

Hand Exploration: Discovery of hands, attempt to seize objects.

Sitting with Help: Ability to sit with support, improved upper body stability.

Response to Name: Recognition of their own name, greater responsiveness to social stimuli.

Motor Exploration: Attempts to crawl, curiosity about the nearby environment.

Simple Understanding: Reaction to simple instructions, imitation of gestures.

Stand up: Stand up with support, first attempts to walk.

Hand Coordination: Better dexterity, ability to hold small objects.

First Steps and Words: Potential first autonomous steps and utterance of first words.

The First Steps of the Journey

This crucial period is a mix of rapid learning, sensory awakening and emotional development. Watch your child's fascinating progress, from their first smiles to their first hesitant steps, to the discovery of their voice and their hands. Each month brings new adventures and milestones, shaping your baby's unique path.

Start of life

These first twelve months are a period of rapid growth, full of discoveries and first times. From recognizing faces to developing fine and gross motor skills, each month is an important step in your baby's journey toward greater independence and discovery of the world around them.

Remember, in the sweetness of

calm mornings and chaos

sleepless nights,

that every moment is a page of history

that you write together.

Don't worry about perfection;

imperfect moments are often those

that matter most. They are

real, authentic and full of love.

You are exactly what

your baby needs, and you are

amazing at what you do.

Move forward with confidence and

love. The adventure of parenthood

is an extraordinary journey, and

every moment counts.


You’re not just growing a child; you also grow as a parent. Every day is an opportunity to learn, marvel and celebrate life in its purest form.